Conducting Virtual Interviews

Finding the right person for a position is hard even in the best of circumstances. But virtual interviews present a special collection of issues that can very easily present a fantastic candidate in an unflattering light – or make the wrong candidate look amazing.

Conducting Virtual Interviews is designed to ensure that your technology never gets in the way of your decision-making when it comes to interviewing and hiring applicants in a virtual environment. There’s plenty of good advice in here for any kind of interview you might conduct, but our emphasis on the particular challenges of virtual interviews makes this a must-have for anyone who has ever needed to hire somebody they’ve never met in person (which, at this point, we’re pretty sure is everybody).

Learning Objectives:

  • Strategies for preparing for any upcoming virtual interview
  • How to address the technological issues specific to conducting virtual interviews
  • When (and when not) to allow candidates to pre-record answers to virtual interview questions

What Is Included In This Course? 

- 1 video with knowledge check questions
- Final quiz
- Closed captions (English and Spanish)
- Video transcripts
- Certificate available upon completion

Video Titles:

- Conducting Virtual Interviews

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