Dressing for Success

You might have all the skill and ability in the world. You might, in fact, be the most awesome person to ever live. But if you dress like you don’t care about your job – or like you slept in your car last night – then you could be unnecessarily sabotaging yourself and your career.

That’s why we created Dressing For Success, a short training series designed to help you dress correctly no matter what kind of job you have.  You've probably heard that you're supposed to dress for the job you want. But since most of us want a job that would let us hang out by a pool all day, there’s a little more to it than that. Dressing For Success covers an important and often-overlooked element of professional success – and it does so without feeling like a lecture.  You’ll probably laugh a lot, in fact, unless you are somehow incapable of joy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explaining the role of dress in others’ perception of our skills and abilities (whether that’s fair of them or not!)
  • Basic fashion rules to follow in the workplace – and a few to avoid while we’re at it
  • Understanding the difference between dressing correctly and dressing well
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What Is Included In This Course? 

- 3 videos with knowledge check questions
- Final quiz
- Closed captions (English and Spanish)
- Video transcripts
- Certificate available upon completion

Video Titles:

- What Your Clothes Say About You
- Fashion No-No’s For Any Industry
- You’re Dressing Right, Now Start Dressing Well

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