Emerging Leaders

Your company has identified you as a rising star. You're excited for the chance to lead and ready to be given the opportunity. But how can you be certain you’ll be a great leader when you’ve never had a chance to lead before?

That's where our Emerging Leaders training course comes in. This 8-part series will give you the tools you'll need to become the kind of leader others will be excited to follow. And we guarantee you’ll enjoy it. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop various strategies to prepare both physically and mentally for a new leadership role
  • Identify and incorporate successful techniques for interacting effectively with the people you will be leading
  • Recognize the increased importance of vision and long-term thinking that come with positions of leadership

What Is Included In This Course? 

- 8 videos with knowledge check questions
- Final quiz
- Closed captions (English and Spanish)
- Video transcripts
- Certificate available upon completion

Video Titles:

- The Importance of Appearances
- How to Avoid Becoming a Micromanager
- Learning to Live with Failure
- The Importance of Being Present
- The Danger of Too Much Fraternizing With Your Employees
- The Importance of Vision
- The Importance of Execution
- How to Embrace Change When Necessary

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