Ethics for Everyone

Ethics. The very word makes you want to slip into a coma, doesn’t it? Yes it’s an important subject (which is why you’re even bothering to read this description in the first place), but you probably think this is going to be the most boring training course in human history, somehow even more yawn-inducing than a real-time video of a rock slowly being eroded into sand. That’s what you think, isn’t it?

Well you’re wrong. Because not only will this training course show you how good business ethics have a direct relationship on customer loyalty and personal satisfaction, it will also make you laugh so hard you might snort milk out of your nose – even if you’re not currently drinking milk. Over the course of 13 lessons, Ethics for Everyone will offer you a step-by-step process to build a solid ethical foundation for yourself and your company, and it will do so without making you feel like you’re being lectured to.  Ethics for Everyone takes an essential subject and makes it fun. So if you’ve ever struggled to get your team excited about focusing on subjects like honesty, integrity, and self-discipline, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Three major reasons why being ethical is important – and get this, some of those reasons are selfish!
  • How to develop a solid ethical foundation for yourself
  • How to resist the temptation to behave unethically
  • How to effectively communicate your ethics to your colleagues and customers
  • How to create a personal and company-wide statement of values (and why ‘statement of values’ is a better term than ‘code of conduct’)
  • How to maintain that statement of values as your team members, customer relationships, and working conditions evolve
  • How to build a culture of ethical behavior, and the rewards that will result from it

What Is Included In This Course? 

- 13 videos with knowledge check questions
- Final quiz
- Closed captions (English and Spanish)
- Video transcripts
- Certificate available upon completion

Video Titles:

- Why Be Ethical? Because It’s The Right Thing To Do
- Why Be Ethical? Because Your Customers Demand It.
- Why Be Ethical? Because You’ll Be Happier.
- Ethics Begins With Respect
- Know What You Stand For
- Ethics Requires Self-Discipline
- How to Avoid Lapsing Into Unethical Behavior
- How to Deal with People Who Want You to Compromise Your Ethics
- Communicating Your Ethics To Your Team
- Communicating Your Ethics to Your Customers
- Creating a Statement of Values
- Maintaining Your Statement of Values
- Promoting an Ethical Culture

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