Remarkable Customer Service

Our Remarkable Customer Service training course is designed to help you provide the kind of unforgettable service that will turn your customers into advocates. But then, every customer training series would say the same. However, would they all admit that customers are sometimes annoying and impossible to please? Would they promise to show you plenty of examples of hilariously horrible customer service as well as examples of exceptional customer service?
Remarkable Customer Service will help you convince your customers to enjoy giving you their money. And since that’s probably not a sentence you’ve ever seen in the description of a training series, you can be confident that the videos you’re about to watch will be surprisingly unique as well. 

Learning Objectives:

  • An understanding of the lengths customers will take to avoid a bad customer experience, and pay for a positive one
  • When to use your script, and how to intelligently depart from it
  • The difference between telling customers what you can do for them vs. what you can’t do
  • How to strike the right balance between overly professional and overly casual
  • How to anticipate customer needs
  • The three magic words of customer service
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What Is Included In This Course? 

- 8 videos with knowledge check questions
- Final quiz
- Closed captions (English and Spanish)
- Video transcripts
- Certificate available upon completion

Video Titles:

- The Value of Remarkable Customer Service
- Names and Greetings
- The Three Magic Words of Customer Service
- When, If, and How To Go Off Script
- Striking a Balance Between Too Formal and Too Casual
- How to Express Empathy
- How to Tell a Customer No
- Anticipating Customer Needs

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